Aloha. We are gathering data on how vacation rental companies are interacting with their guests. We are happy to share our results with you at the email you provide us after completing the short survey. We appreciate your participation and look forward to your response. Mahalo.
What is your name, position, and name of your company?

What is most important to your business?

What are your pain points?

How do you learn about trends in the hospitality industry?

How do your guests book a stay with you?

Choose the most common method

What reseller provides the most bookings for your business?

What system do you use to manage your bookings?

What touchpoints do you have with your guests?

When guests ask you about activities, how do you help them?

What other services do you provide to your guests to keep them coming back?

Do you have any other comments or feedback related to the questions in this survey?

Thank you for participating in our survey. Please share with your contacts in the vacation rental network. Click below to be directed to our website for more information. Mahalo.
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